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What is IP Tools?

What is IP Tools?

Tools and Resources for the Infection Preventionist

IP Tools is devoted to the sharing of information among Infection Preventionists.

The goal is to enable this group of professionals to post documents and files they feel would be useful to others as well as download documents and files that have been posted by others.

Every download is free.

So, if you are ready to share some of your own tools and resources or you are ready to see what others have shared, click Tools and Resources.

Additional resources available at: www.publichealthtools.com

Our Vision

Our Vision

One of the greatest benefits to networking with your colleagues is the emergence of new ideas and concepts that may not have been possible alone.  This site is based upon the concepts of social networking where individuals with shared goals come together and share common ideas and solutions to problems.  The result is often better than anyone could have accomplished alone.

The biggest benefit to registering on this site is the facilitation of this active virtual networking through the sharing of tools, resources and ideas among individuals who have similar needs. Registering on this site is done as a means of providing an additional gate to the information stored on the site so some of the intrusive internet capabilities are minimized.

The developers of this site are infection preventionists interested in improving practice and they have personally covered all costs associated with the site so it remains totally FREE for everyone.  No outside funding has been used so this site is focused solely on the needs of the infection preventionist.  This site is not meant to replace any services provided by professional organizations so membership in those groups is highly encouraged.


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