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Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

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What is this site about?

One of the greatest benefits to networking with your colleagues is the emergence of new ideas and concepts that may not have been possible alone.  This site is based upon the concepts of social networking where individuals with shared goals come together and share common ideas and solutions to problems.  The result is often better than anyone could have accomplished alone.

The biggest benefit to registering on this site is the facilitation of this active virtual networking through the sharing of tools, resources and ideas among individuals who have similar needs. Registering on this site is done as a means of providing an additional gate to the information stored on the site so some of the intrusive internet capabilities are minimized.

The developers of this site are infection preventionists interested in improving practice and they have personally covered all costs associated with the site so it remains totally FREE for everyone.  No outside funding has been used so this site is focused solely on the needs of the infection preventionist.  This site is not meant to replace any services provided by professional organizations so membership in those groups is highly encouraged.

Why do I have to register?

In short, SAFETY. We strive to promote a safe, clean and easy environment for our users.

Our goal is to keep spam and inappropriate comments from becoming a problem. Our hope is to create a more productive conversation for our users. This is something that a lot of our users have expressed great appreciation for.

Registration also ensures that the information our users share with others on this site is not, reproduced by a third-party profit seeking organization.

We ask, Why wouldn't you?

Registration is FREE and provides you with all the sites growing resources.

Piece of mind

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Infection Preventionist Community, we NEVER share user information.

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